Animal Damage Control

Wildlife Damage

Wildlife animals inside the home will create extensive wildlife damages that can be hazardous and dangerous for your family. Critter Control of Ann Arbor can repair wildlife damages and stop them from progressing and causing more issues.

Residential Wildlife Damages

Different wildlife animals will create different wildlife damages to your home. Critter Control wildlife specialists have the ability to identify wildlife damage and what wildlife animal is creating it. Once the wildlife damages and points of entry are identified your technician will create a plan to repair wildlife damages to the home.

Wildlife Damages Inside

Wildlife damages inside the home are perhaps the most dangerous. A few wildlife damages found inside the home include:

  • Chewed Electrical Wires
  • Soiled Insulation
  • Damaged Air Ducts

Wildlife Damages Outside

Wildlife damages outside the home are unsightly and can cause harm to you and your family, your pets, and livestock. Wildlife damages outside the home may consist of:

  • Holes in the yard
  • Damage to gardens
  • Damage to the homes foundation

Critter Control of Ann Arbor can repair any wildlife damage you may have at your home.