Bats in the belfry, attic, basement or chimney? Scratching or scurrying noises in the ceiling? Foul odors in your home? Critter Control can help eliminate bats in your home and prevent them from re-entry. Call your local Critter Control office today at 800 CRITTER for effective bat removal services.


Bats are beneficial to humans. One large bat colony can eat up to 500,000 pounds of insects in one night. They hunt common pests including mosquitos, flies, cockroaches, beetles, and moths, using their large ears as radar dishes in a process known as echolocation.


  • Wingspan 9-15 inches
  • Wings that resemble broad webbed hands
  • Short legs with sharp claws
  • Large ears
  • Light tan - dark brown in color


Bats like to hang out together in groups that can number in the millions. They use their feet to cling upside down to the ceilings of caves, hollow trees, and buildings as they sleep. As dusk approaches, the bats will awaken and fly out in large numbers. Darting over open fields, deserts, and yards, bats hunt throughout the night for flying insects. Bats prefer to roost near ponds, lakes, and pools, due to the amount of insects.

Bat Problems

Bats can create a number of problems for homeowners in Ann Arbor. The amount of droppings they can accumulate create terrible odors and can pose a health threat for humans.


Bats find their way into homes through very small points of entry. During the summer months bats can find themselves in homes through open windows and open doors.


The largest issue with bat control problems in the home includes the health risks with bat droppings. Although prized in some areas as a rich fertilizer, bat guano makes people sick when it collects in attics since it can harbor dangerous fungal spores, such as histoplasmosis.


Control and Safety

Despite their reputation for carrying rabies, less than half of one percent of bats actually carries the virus. Nevertheless, bats should never be picked up or grabbed. In order to keep colonies of the creatures from roosting in attics, proper precautions should be taken to cover or seal all vents, holes, chimneys, windows, and gaps leading inside homes.

Trapping and Removal

Since bats may carry disease, individuals should never approach them. Bats also bite and scratch when they feel threatened and can easily injure humans. Critter Control of Ann Arbor has extensive experience in handling bat problems. Call the professionals for long term results in bat control!

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